white supremacy, genocide, slavery, oppression, rape and the racism that still goes on today can still NEVER break or take away our history and the fact that Mexica women are strong, Mexica women are brown, Mexica women are beautiful, Mexica women are proud , Mexica women will fight and mexica women will rise. The future is ours. Liberation through education. Timexicah, We are mexica. 

-(a tribute to Mexica women)- josesleepydiaz

important notes:

Not Latino not Hispanic, we are Mexica (mesheekah) - people of Mexican, “native american”, and “central american” decent. One people One nation.


When I’m asked which is harder, being black or being gay, I’m always amused at how shocked people are when I tell them that it’s much harder being black than being gay ( the next QPOCs mileage may vary).

As much hell as I get—and trust me I do get hell—for being gay, I do have certain advantages. I can pass for straight, so as long as I don’t bring any attention to myself, I don’t have to worry about getting my skull cracked in. The other advantage I have, when I call out homophobia, people actually listen. Even the most hardcore conservative will acknowledge the existence of homophobia.

Yet let me call out racism and I have legions upon legions of whites, liberal and conservative, jumping at the chance to gaslight me and question my sanity/honesty/intelligence/emotional maturity.

Because in this society calling out racism is far more egregious than the actual racism.

Or as Malcolm X said, they don’t even acknowledge the knife is there.

The sad reality is that any LGBTQ equality that does happen will be in spite of the mainstream (read white) LGBTQ “community.” The unsung heroes and heroines will primarily be queer POCs and trans people as Stonewall illustrated. Because we don’t have cis and/or white privilege, we don’t have the option to fuck around.




interesting short Documentary explaining what is going on right now in Michoacan Mexico.

For those of you who don’t understand spanish, here is a summary of what is being discussed in the video.

1) Michoacan was originally occupied by Los Zetas drug cartel.

2) The people of Michoacan received help by another drug cartel called ” Los Caballeros Templarios”. They successfully removed Los Zetas.

3) “Los Caballeros Templarios “told the people of Michoacan, that their business would be strictly fighting against other drug dealers. Once they had persecuted and destroyed all other narcos, they then turned on the people.

4) Los Caballeros Templarios, started to tax the people for everything. Meat, tortillas, vegetables, fruits, and all goods were taxed. People had to pay 500 pesos per car. They had their property measured, and would pay accordingly. The average family would pay around 20 thousand in pesos a month. They were required to pay money per child, every Monday punctually. The last straw for the people, was when these evil men would show up, and take the wife’s, and ask them to have their daughters showered, and not return them until they were pregnant.

5) After 3 years of this evil abuse, the people finally organized and started to fight back. They arrested several drug cartel members and turn them over to the government, the criminals were released by midnight. People who would report crimes, would be found dead the next morning with their entire family. 

6) The government has started to send soldiers down to Michoacan. However they are not there to arrest or destroy Los Caballeros Templarios. Instead, they are entering Michoacan to disarm the people. That’s because the government is organized with these cartels.

7) The Auto Defensas of Michoacan are not trained soldiers. They have ZERO military background, with no experience. They range from medics and engineers, to teachers and butchers. They are the fathers and mothers of those raped little girls. They have no support, outside of the support that we give them. 

thank you to the “Mexicans WAKE UP” facebook page for sharing this.